Leaders In Waste To Energy Used Oil Management

Protection of the Environment

Bravo Energy Argentina is committed to the protection of the environment. We adhere to the belief of Reduce-Reuse-Recycle in making a difference in the environment for future generations.

With experience in Latin America markets Bravo Energy Argentina uses its unique model of Waste-to-Energy along with its proprietary technology, marketing skills, local experience and know-how to solve a major problems facing Argentina: The lack of safe disposal of used lubricating oil.

Bravo Energy Argentina collects used lubricating oil from customers throughout Argentina and transports them to its treatment facility centrally located in San Lorenzo, Santa Fe. Using its own permitted and specialized truck fleet the company offers:

  • Used Oil Collection
  • Used Oil Processing
  • Certified Waste Destruction
  • Waste-to-Energy Technology
  • Insured and Permitted Waste Transportation
  • Waste Final Disposal

Meeting Argentina's Energy Needs for Today and for Tomorrow

Bravo Energy has been a successful oil trading and marketing organization in the world energy markets for over 25 years. Applying it’s know-how and experience to the response of the growing demand for distillate fuel in Argentina, Bravo Energy expanded its refining facility in order to refine crude oil. The crude oil refinery, located in San Lorenzo, Santa Fe, refines crude oil into fuel oil, gas oil, naphta and specialty products. Bravo Energy Argentina is registered and fully permitted by the Secretary of Energy of Argentina for:

  • Crude Oil Refining
  • Energy Product Marketing
  • Product Blending
  • Fuels Import and Export
  • Bunkering Supply