Leaders In Waste To Energy Used Oil Management

Used Oil

  • Used Oil can contain toxic substances, when disposed of improperly, can harm our land, water, and air supply.
  • Every year used oil is dumped into the ground, harming the land, and drastically reducing soil productivity.
  • Used oil affects our environment by harming the crops and our food supply.
  • Oil dumped into the ground is washed into our rivers, streams and oceans.
  • Oil dumped in the ground can harm plant life and the animals that feed on these plants.
  • Oil on the water’s surface blocks sunlight, creating an unnatural cycle of sunlight.
  • Oil in our waters can kill aquatic life.
  • This reduces the natural production of oxygen.
  • 1 gallon of used oil effectively contaminates 1 million gallons of drinking water.
  • The burning of used oil pollutes air and contributes to greenhouse gases.
  • Over 1.3 billion gallons of used oil is generated each year. Less than 60% is recycled.
  • If all the used oil that was improperly disposed of in 1 year was recycled, it would produce enough energy to power 360,000 homes.
  • The amount of improperly disposed of used oil in a year could produce 96 million quarts of high grade motor oil.
  • 40% of the pollution found in America’s waterways comes from used oil.
  • 1 oil change can result in an 8 acre oil slick.
  • The only proper way to dispose of used oil is through proper treatment.