Leaders In Waste To Energy Used Oil Management

Our Impact

Bravo Energy is a responsible steward of the environment and we are committed to providing state of the art management and treatment of used oil that supports our ecosystems without compromising the environment for future generations. Bravo Energy has a firm commitment to sustainability and to making a difference in our communities.

  • Bravo is capable of treating over 100 million liters of used oil per year.
  • Bravo has the ability to produce over 100 million liters of clean fuel through its Waste-to-Energy proprietary technologies.
  • Considering that one liter of used oil contaminates 1 million liters of drinking water, by collecting and properly treating used oil Bravo Energy helps provide clean drinking water to millions of people.
  • Bravo Energy's fuels reduce green house emissions by 80% compare to burning untreated waste or alternative fuels.
  • One hundred percent of used oil received by Bravo is converted to energy products, no waste is generated and nothing sent to landfills.
  • For a cleaner tomorrow Bravo Energy practices and encourages its customers to follow our 3R waste management approach: Reduce-Reuse-Recycle.
  • Our facilities have a complete closed loop process. All emissions during our process are captured and treated using Bravo Energy's own system of vapor scrubbers.
  • Bravo Energy strictly adheres to all regulations and makes a daily commitment to carry out its activities under exemplary environmental conditions.
  • Bravo Energy believes in being an exemplary corporate partner in our social commitment. Bravo Energy team members actively contribute toward the sustainable development and toward the social and economic progress of the communities in which we operate.
  • All waste treated by Bravo Energy is completely recycled or properly disposed of, eliminating harm to the environment
  • Our total commitment to the environment is not only helping everyday to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and slow the effects of climate change but also to prevent the negatives effects to our water, soil and air caused by heavy metals, PCBs, halogen compounds and other substances usually found in used oil.