Leaders In Waste To Energy Used Oil Management

Operating Permits

Resolution studies on the Impact and Environmental Risk. S.G.P.A./ DGIA.DDT.00501.06 March 28, 2006. Secretary of Environment and Natural Resources. Sub Secretary of Environmental Protection.

Authorization from Querétaro Industrial Government, 55MA/DCA/104/2006
March 30, 2006 Secretary of Development Sustainable. Environment Secretary

Authorization to Recycle Dangerous Goods. Authorization No. 22-IV-25-11 (Extension)

Authorization for Recollection and Transportation or Dangerous Goods. Authorization No.22-14-PS-1-02-2008

Authorization to Operate Dangerous Goods from a Remote Place.
Authorization No. 22-14-PS-II-01-2009

Exclusive Permit to operate transportation for a private party and specialized on the transport of materials and dangerous goods by using trucks and bridges in federal jurisdictions. Ref: Putp No. 22-101061