Leaders In Waste To Energy Used Oil Management

Bravo Energy History

Bravo Energy was founded in 1988. It has been a successful oil trading and marketing organization dealing primarily in the California energy markets. In 1995 Bravo Energy expanded into Latin America to develop a state-of-the-art industrial waste treatment plant in Santiago, Chile. This facility, the largest of its type in Chile, processes used lubricating oil and other oily waste.

In 2006 Bravo Energy completed the construction of its second facility in San Lorenzo, Argentina. Bravo Energy Argentina collects and treats used oil throughout the country, as well as providing a complete service to generators by collecting solid waster, such as filters and rags. In 2007 Bravo Energy Mexico was completed in Queretaro, Mexico where 2 processing plants have been built side by side to service the large amount of oils produced every year.